New York City's Cocktail Culture is the best in the world....

...even so, here at the Parkside there are still a few things we do Best.  

The Bloody Mary

Down South, the Bloody Mary is a source of pride.

The recipe is top secret and our Bloody Mary is the best in New York City.  Garlic, chipotle, made by a real live Cajun, 438-0 vs Hangovers on the Lower East Side, and full of in-house pickled green beans.  

Dark & Stormy

Sometimes you've got to embrace the Hurricane that is life...

The credit for this masterpiece goes to the folks down at Blennheim Bottlers in South Carolina.  Their Ginger Ale is uniquely extra spicy (the good kind).   We simply introduced it to some fresh lime juice and the Caribbean flavors of Goslings Dark Rum.  

The Sazerac

-created by Antoine Amédée Peychaud circa 1810 in a French Quarter apothercary

The Parkside is a lost corner of The Big Easy on the Lower East Side and our Sazerac is a local favorite.


"...An hour isn't just an hour but a little piece of eternity dropped into your hands, and who knows what to do with it?" - Tennessee Williams

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